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**For Business Owners With Big Growth Goals For 2019**
If You Are Ready To Get More Leads, Sales And Clients This Year... READ THIS
Fellow Entrepreneur,
If you're a successful business owner looking to scale your business and get more clients, leveraging paid advertising to create a profitable stream of inbound leads is the most powerful tool you can implement in your business.

The fastest way to take your business to new heights is to deploy proven and predictable campaigns and strategies to scale up your business that's already doing well. 

However, this is the biggest challenge for most of my clients.   

They have a proven product or service. They know that people want what they have to offer... they are just not able to get more clients consistently. 

You're here to change that.

You're about to see how to dramatically increase your sales and revenue online by learning the techniques and strategies that are only reserved for a "select few".  

You'll get access to the strategies, templates and processes that I've used over the past 7+ years to scale companies from zero to 7 and 8 figures and that have contributed to hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, entirely generated online.  

With that said, I want to be upfront:  
Most Businesses Are Not Ready To Take This Step
Thus, this offer is not for everyone.

The reason I say this is because when most people read "you’ll get access to the strategies", they immediately think about hiring some sort of marketing agency. 

And that's not what I'm trying to do here. In fact, it'd be the opposite.  

Let me explain…

The main reason my clients come to me is because they want to scale. They want to grow faster than they’re growing now.  

However, their biggest issue is predictably acquiring more leads and clients.

They have a proven product or service. They know that their clients want the stuff they are selling.   

But they are relying on organic techniques that take forever and get little returns.  

They are spending money on content with the hope of being found by their ideal client.  

Or they’re working with agencies that don’t give them the time they deserve and are stuck deploying strategies that worked a few years ago but fail miserably in today's quickly changing environment. 

They want clarity. They want simplicity. They want results.

And they want me to share what’s actually working for me, so that they can copy and paste that for their businesses.  

I call this... 
The "Anti-Agency" Approach
You see, after working with several eight and nine figure businesses, I realized something quite simple...

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. 

You just need to apply proven tactics and techniques to your business.  

The problem with a lot of entrepreneurs, the reason why they experience frustration and anxiety, is because they try to implement “new” things all the time…  

They want to get the latest “chatbot” up and running.  

They heard about this “automated follow up sequence” and they want something similar.  

They see how everyone is “killing it” with some sort of ad, and they go after it…  

And, once that doesn’t work, they are left frustrated and confused as to why all of the new “stuff” they implemented… didn’t work. 

This is… 
A Sure Way To Lose Your Mind!
So if you have “idle hands” and you want to try and test everything that’s out there and come back to square one after a while, this isn’t for you.

But if you want to implement proven strategies and techniques, the stuff that has worked for the past hundred years and will continue to work…

Then you’re in the right place!
The One Thing That Turned It All Around
For example, I worked with my client (and now good friend) PJ.

PJ had a business helping thousands of young entrepreneur “wannabes” around the world getting the guidance they needed to succeed…  

Pretty awesome gig!  

But he was struggling. He got hit by one of Google's updates (I can't remember which one) and lost 95% of his traffic and sales! 

But that wasn't his main problem... 

His main problem was that, in an effort to get his traffic back up and running, he was trying a thousand different things. 

He bought dozens of tools and software, he pursued every shiny object out there… and he wasn’t getting any results! 
Because Of This, He Almost Went Broke!
He had lots of new gadgets and tools to play with, but he wasn’t getting any sales!

He was busy as hell testing a bunch of stuff, but the clock was ticking... 

If he didn't get his traffic and sales back, he might have to close shop! 

For instance, they were trying some sort of Instagram strategy that worked for them in the past. 

But Instagram also updated the algorithm, decreasing their organic reach significantly. 

He even confessed that, before Instagram did this, all he had to do was to “post a picture and make $5,000”. 

This was not the case anymore. Not by a long shot. 

Anyway - I came on board and saw this situation. It was a mess. He was overwhelmed, and his employees were confused and all over the place…  

So we decided to focus on one funnel alone. Just one. 

We put it together and ran some traffic to it. I guided him in setting this up and fast forward to today… he’s making more revenue than ever and his community has grown 10 times…  

Not only that, but he just moved to a beautiful new house with his family and he’s happy as pie!  

Wouldn’t have happened if we hadn’t focused...  
And Then We Did It Again… And Again!
With this success that he had, he wanted to launch 2 new programs, in 2 completely different niches...

He was well versed on the topics, but he didn’t know if it was going to work!  

So I advised him on doing the exact same thing…  

We cut 98% of the distractions and pretty much duplicated the strategies that worked in the first place…  

What took us 6 months of work to get that going… we could now do in 3. And we went from zero to over 6 figures per month in a matter of weeks.  

How was this possible?  

Because I shared with him what really worked, and we focused 100% on that...  
From $3147  To 6 Figures Per Month In Ad Spend (Profitably)
PJ was so happy that he recommended me to one of his friends, Dan.

Dan is a digital marketer that started a digital advertising agency to save his family and he quickly went from zero to 6 figures in revenue by working for local clients. 

He had so much success that he decided to teach it to other people. So he put together one of the most successful agency building courses out there. 

By the time he reached out to me, he had an amazing webinar funnel already kicking ass… but he didn’t have the time to scale it… 

Nor did he have the team in place to do it. He was too stressed and overwhelmed with the daily operations of his business. 

He knew he had an opportunity to make a killing for himself and his family. He simply didn't have the time to do it!  

So we sat down, and he told me what he wanted to do…  

“I want to spend at least 200k per month on ads and be profitable”.  

“That’s awesome!” I told him… “How much are you spending now?”  

“Around 3k”...  

So I knew we had a lot of work to do.  

But we made it happen…  

We started working on a really specific technique to test images and videos on Facebook, so we would also have a stream of high quality creatives to show to his audience. 

Then, we went on to develop a process for massive scaling, by deploying the “Rabid Fan Framework”. This allowed him to get more engagement on his Facebook page, while increasing his sales and impacting his brand in a really powerful way. 

Last but not least, we deployed some really ninja copywriting techniques. We discovered a specific way of calling out his marketplace that would make people connect emotionally with his brand at a deep level. So by the time they landed on his website, they were ready to buy!  

Today he has moved to a big office in South Florida, has a team of 20 people working full time… and he’s making more money than ever before!  

Now I’m helping him hire more people and take him out of the daily grind...  
The World-Changing Product That Nobody Knew About
I’ve recently started working with this amazing company called Aggressively Organic.

It’s a company that can change the world, literally, because they manufacture some really great hydroponics systems…  

They’re changing the world, but they are a startup with only 7 people!  

However, nobody knew about their product.  

They were going against some big names and big companies with deep pockets…  

Definitely not a small feat!  

So when they brought me in as their “acting” Chief Marketing Officer, I realized the enormous potential in front of us…  

They knew Facebook Ads were the likely solution, but they didn’t know how to make it happen. 

So I helped them launch a campaign from scratch…  
It Was Like Rocket Fuel For Their Business...
Fast forward to today, they’re getting over 250 sales per day and also running ads on Google and Pinterest… all because of the focus and the proven techniques I shared with them…

So, not only are they changing the world with their product, but they had to hire more people and they’re growing rapidly.  

We created so much good-will that they’re negotiating with some governments to send their products there…  

And they're getting interest from some VCs and Investors, now that they have a proven sales process to get clients... 

This could potentially end world hunger…  

And it all started by focusing on proven techniques that I shared with them… Pretty awesome!  
From Being Shut Down Everywhere To Back In Action And Better Than Before
This is a business that has gained a lot of weight in the direct response and digital marketing world, but they also went through a lot of heat lately… so I’ll leave their names out of this letter.

The reality is that 30 days before coming my way, they were shut down on Google and Facebook for “aggressive advertising”.  

They were spending millions per month on ads, and now they were struggling to survive.  

So we implemented a strategy that I knew would work for them... 

I knew this because it worked for other "delicate" types of businesses in the past... 

Instead of going directly “for the kill” with our ads, something that would get us banned forever, we implemented a two step approach that consisted of...  
Value First And Offer Second
This is something I teach a lot of my clients, because it simply works!

Ad networks (like Facebook and Google) started loving them, and we’re back on track and better than before.  

Just by implementing some really cool (and really effective) marketing strategies. 

They now have a sustainable and predictable way to grow their business without the headaches of getting banned! 

What all these clients had in common is that they came to me for guidance… 

And I worked really hard with them to implement some proven strategies…  

But we did it a bit differently than what you might consider “traditional agency” work, so… 
This Is Not What You Might Be Thinking...
We didn’t go after a million things.

We focused on just a HANDFUL of proven and tested strategies through time, trial and error…  

So it ended up being super simple for them. 

And they now have a system to attract leads, customers and clients consistently… and profitably.  

Because it doesn’t really matter what technology does.  

What Mark Z. decides to do tomorrow.  

Or what animal Google will unleash next month.  

Basic human nature doesn’t change. And that’s my main focus when working with my clients.  

Here’s the deal…  

I’ve helped clients go from scratch to $2 millions per year.  

From struggling to getting a big return on their advertising, and I’ve always found the same thing to be true.  

The more you can focus on a couple of proven processes and strategies, the better.  

Sometimes it’s just a matter of focusing on ONE thing and mastering it…  

Now let me ask you something…  
What If You Could Stop The Overwhelm And Focus On Just A Handful Of Really Effective Strategies?
Imagine how that could impact your business…

Imagine how simple things would become for you and your team…  

If you stay focused and on track, if you’re willing to invest and to learn, imagine how much impact this could have on your legacy…  

You could double, triple and even quadruple your income over the next 12 months.  

All while working less, having less issues, putting out less fires… you get the idea.  

You would be able to spend more time doing the stuff you love the most and not always be working and stressed out.

You could live the life you’ve always wanted to live and take your business to a whole other level, at the same time.  

But this is not an easy task. Knowing what works and what doesn’t takes years of trial and error. And millions of dollars spent on stuff that doesn’t work.  

The good news is…  
You Don’t Need To Spend Years And Millions
To Figure It Out!
You don’t need to try new strategies every day, or go crazy with overwhelming technology…

You don’t have to work “harder” or “grind” for hours…  

(Ideally, you’d be doing the opposite of that).  

All you have to do is to deploy the techniques and strategies that I give you.  

Turn around and basically “copy and paste” the templates I share with you.  

Grab my proven processes and run with them…  

And you could be doubling, tripling or even quadrupling your revenue over the next 12 months, all while working less and enjoying life more.  
More Of What You Want, Less Of What You Don’t ...
Over the past 7+ years, I’ve been working one on one with most of my clients.

They’ve paid me anywhere between $60,000 to $120,000 per year to help them with their marketing. 

And I've been bringing them good results, consistently. 

This has allowed me to jump with both feet into the latest techniques and strategies, and also rub elbows with the best and brightest minds in marketing on Planet Earth. 

But I started to feel that my capacity was limited.  

I wanted to make a bigger impact on their businesses, and help more entrepreneurs with these strategies…  

So I started to think about how to help more people get what they wanted, and that’s how this faboulous idea came to mind.  

Not only that, but I figured that if I connected high level entrepreneurs with each other (like PJ did with Dan), I could help them grow their businesses exponentially… 

Plus, I know that entrepreneurship can be lonely.... 

We need each other more than we’re willing to admit… and just hanging out with high level entrepreneurs feels like “home” for many of us.  
Does That Sound Good?
If it does, I’d be happy to help you. But first, let me tell you something else…

As with everything worthwhile in life, this takes hard work and dedication. I’m not expecting you to become an “overnight success” (I don’t believe in those things, by the way).  

So in order to make this work, we’ll need to work together for about a year.  

This takes time, effort and energy…   

And if you’re committed to making it happen, I’m committed to help you reaching those big audacious goals you have for 2019... 
Here’s How To Get Started
The clients I mentioned are part of this elite group of six and seven figure entrepreneurs who have big explosive growth goals for 2019.

This group is called The Growth League. 

The people and businesses that I've personally selected to be part of this group are not complacent.  

They are the ones staying up at night, listening to podcasts, chewing through books, learning relentlessly.

And they’re looking and willing to pay the price it takes to grow an unforgettable business and blow the top off the growth charts.  

I’d like you to be a part of this group. Our entire focus is to share with you the techniques that work so you don’t have to test things we have already tested.  

That means that we will be perfecting these strategies and helping you implement them so you can get more leads, more customers and make more money… all while working less.
Here’s How It Works...
Now you might be thinking that this is another “Mastermind”. I’m sure you’ve been part of those before.

This is not it. Not by a long shot. Why?  

Because you can certainly come and network with other successful entrepreneurs, but the main point is that you get proven, consistent and repeatable strategies to swipe and deploy in your business.  

We’ll make this happen by meeting personally, twice during the next 12 months. And by talking on the phone whenever necessary.  

You’ll also get access to a private elite community of action takers and achievers. 

We’ll have bi-weekly interactive live-streaming sessions, where you’ll get one-on-one coaching and the help you need to apply these strategies to your business and your unique situation.

And the minute you jump in, we'll develop a step by step 90 Day Growth Plan exclusive to your company and your business situation, so you'll have clarity on what to do next... And we'll support you while you're doing it!

We do this because money follows speed.

And you get personalized attention to your specific situation, because there’s no “one size fits all”. 

This also keeps everyone accountable to executing the strategies and techniques that I’ll be revealing to you.  

(By the way, life happens. You’re not going to make them all. Don’t worry. You’ll get access to all of the High Definition recordings in our members area, so you can watch and rewatch as much as you want). 
“But What If I Get Stuck?”
I've got you covered.

By joining The Growth League, you’ll get direct access to my phone, that’s in my pocket 24/7 and I’ll give you answers to your questions within 24 business hours. 

No more worrying about getting stuck at some step of the strategy, or hitting a wall with technology. That will be all gone with this direct life-line of communication.  

I do value my time (as I mentioned before), so don’t expect me to drop what I’m doing and answer your message.  

I batch these as much as possible, but I do guarantee you a 24 business hour or less response time.  

Before showing you the application form, let me tell you one last thing...  
This Is Not For Everyone
This program is not cheap.

You’re basically be hiring me me as your “Chief Marketing Officer” (CMO) for a full year.   

If you were looking to hire an effective CMO for your company, you’d be looking at investing at least $100,000 per year.  

Usually, my involvement on a company as an advisor starts at $10,000 per month + 5% revenue share. 

My hourly rate of one off consulting is $1,000.  

Furthermore, many of my past clients had already lost tens of thousands of dollars in campaigns that didn’t go anywhere. And it was my job to turn things around.  

What’s more, I’ll be sharing all of my templates and techniques that have taken me years and millions of dollars in ad spend to develop. 

Not to mention the free training and the access to the 2 VIP events we hold every year.

However, here's the good news...  

But I’m not going to charge you that much.  

The cost of joining this group is only $1,500 per month. 

This is probably less than what you’re paying your Virtual Assistants or investing in software per month for your company.  

However, being that this is paid in full for the year, I’ve decided to drop it to $1,250 per month, which is a total of only $15,000 per year. 

I’m charging that because this is an introductory price for the first group  (literally, I’m just launching it), so I’ll likely increase the price of admission in the future.  

Additionally, you’ll need to be ready, be coachable and “do the work”

And you’ll be required to share what’s working (and what’s not working) with the rest of the group. While other members do the same.  

The shortest route to success is by mimicking what others are doing well and avoiding those pitfalls that others have gone through.  

That’s why I hand pick everyone in this group. So there’s a way for us to communicate and create momentum... 

You don’t have to be a seven figure business yet, but you DO need to have significant momentum. Doing at least $250,000 per year with a proven product or service.  
What Are The Next Steps?
I’ve created a quick application form to filter out people that are not a good fit (i.e… tire kickers).

Here’s how it works:

1. You’ll see the application form at the bottom of this page. 

2. After you fill it out, I’ll review it personally. 

3. Once that happens, you will be able to schedule a quick call with one of my team members.

4. If we decide you’re a good fit on that call, then you’ll receive an invite to participate. 

BTW, this is a limited group. Once it’s full, it’s full. 

I have attendance capped at 50 people for a reason. So that we don’t dilute the group and I can give full attention to everyone in it.  
And it is filled up on a first come first serve basis. 
If you think this would be a good business decision for you, please complete the form below before all of the spots fill up and you miss out on this opportunity.   
Thanks for taking the time to read this message and I’m looking forward to seeing you soon!

- Hernan Vazquez  

P.S: In case you’re wondering how this is different from other “Coaching Programs” out there, here’s the deal… 

I’ve spent 7+ years of my life perfecting these skills, “sharpening the axe” you might say… 

So what you’re getting is not some “guru” or “expert” telling you what to do without fundamentals, nor providing an action plan. 

You’re not joining in a group filled with newbies or wannabees. 

You’re not getting into this to make things more complicated or difficult for you... 

Everything is backed by experience and the stuff I teach simply works. 

So what you get is myself personally reviewing your funnels, your business and telling you exactly what to do… and helping you to do it! 

This is how I’m able to get some of the results I’ve shared above. 

And then you get to interact with me as much as you need by using an app called Voxer (which is like a magic Walkie-Talkie where you can send me all the messages you want and I’ll reply within 24 hours). 

So it's like hiring me as your "Chief Marketing Officer", without having to spend 6 figures per year. 

There will be other members and they are awesome, but the main point is not that you just “hang out” with them, but that you’re part of a group that gets and implements proven strategies. 

Please enter your details below and we'll reach out to you. Applications are reviewed on a first come, first served basis.
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